Disc Golf basket in front of lake

Broadmoor Park Disc Golf Course

Looking for something to do over the long weekend, but not sure how much fun you can have while social distancing? Try the Broadmoor Park Disc Golf Course!

Local instagrammer and Little Rock Ultimate member @dominos_fotos came by to play the half-course through twice. Check out his story by clicking this link: https://5il.co/hyrq

Disc Golf is a version of golf that you play with Frisbees (called "discs")! While a traditional "Ultimate Frisbee"-style disc is perfectly adequate for a fun play-through, serious Disc Golfers have a collection of different discs with different attributes--similar to a golfer's collection of woods, irons, and putters. To learn more about this popular and fun sport visit the Professional Disc Golf Association at the following link: https://www.pdga.com/introduction

The Broadmoor Park Disc Golf Course was installed through a joint effort between Little Rock native Charlie McCracken, the BPOA, and the Love Your Block grant.